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Welcome to Literati Incorporated, a LiveJournal community centered around sharing artistic endeavors. Although this community will focus mainly on writing in all its forms, all art is welcome if you're so inclined to participate.

That being said, this community will be very crtitique/comment oriented. When we share our art, all of us should take the time to share some constructive criticisms with the author. Good, bad, whatever, as long as we can all be respectful of one another and honest in our opinions. Tough, I know, but that will be the goal here. For those of you who have never critiqued another persons work before, the only real things you need to keep in mind are these: Critique the work, not the author, and be honest. (i.e. "I feel this piece really needs a little more beat" or "I think what the piece is saying here is...", etc. Use I statements and refer to the work with your commentary.)

It does not matter if you're new to writing or a practiced hand, everyone is welcome to share their work and hear other peoples opinions. This community is geared towards strengthening novice writers, tightening some veteran verses, and making us all better artists over all.

Let's consider this our own private workshop, open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Finally, take a moment to post something about yourself before you jump right in. We don't need your personal information or a biography, but something about the kind of writing you like to do and how long you've been doing it. That should give us an idea what to look for in your writing and where to focus our critique. Once you get that accomplished, go for it.

Now the technical jargon;

Any material shared within this community is the intellectual property of the author. If you would like to purchase or reproduce the work, contact the author and work out the details.

Try to keep large works behind an LJ cut.

No personal attacks or petty squabbling. Things of this nature will be deleted, and in most cases so will the perpetrator.

Try to keep your work clean. By that I mean spellcheck it, edit, etc. Grammatical error and typos happen, but if the whole piece is one inaccuracy after another it will discourage people from reading your work.

Your current moderator is: null_matrix.

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