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Mmm, Haiku - Literati Incorporated
Mmm, Haiku

A thunder clap-
the sky splits
and bellows light

(By the way, for anyone interested in Haiku, it was a form of poetry originally using Japanese writing symbols called Kana. It would use 5 Kana, 7 Kana, and 5 Kana, in that order very much like the poem above. However, when it was translated into English, each Kana was taken as one syllable, thus, the 17 syllable Haiku was born. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables, done. This, is wrong. One Kana is not comparable to one syllable in the English language. Thus, most Haiku these days ignores the strict 5-7-5 scheme and goes for the isolation of a single instance brought into a crystal focus using as little as possible. It must, however, remain compact and precise. Try it out!)

A lone pine tree-
sentinel holding up
the crystal sky

These Haikus are not great, but they get the point across. Got it?
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